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enlaceQuality System certified according to ISO 9001-2015 The management system of Aluminio Inyectado Valencia, S.L. It has been evaluated and certified in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2015 for the following activities:

Pressure injection for the manufacture of aluminum parts. – ES19/86731 Certificate –

We have just implemented a “Lean management" system to achieve best possible production standards.

In collaboration with AIMME (Instituto Metal Mecánico de la Generalidad) and with the leader company of our group Reductores Cuñat, S.A. we are in a position to ensure the most demanding quality requirements by analyzing and controlling the finished part using the following equipment:

X-Ray equipment

• ICM D 3006 from 100 to 300Kv Up to 6 mA
• Philips ps220 from 100 to 200Kv Up 5 mA
• Philips ps450 from 270 to 450Kv Up 26mA
• Valteau GM300/SD from 100 to 300 Kv Up 5 mA
• Rigaku from 80 to 160 Kv Up 5mA

Gammagraphs by Tech op radiation source (192 iridium sources)

• Kodak film mx-125 or AGFA d-4
• Tridimensional measurement machine based on coordinates. Brand: Mitutoyo, type Euroc-776 (year 1999)
• Measurement field: X=700mm Y=700mm Z=600mm
• Ultrasonic hardness tester, brand: Krautkramer, tipo MIC 10/DL
• Digital roughness meter, brand Mitutoyo, type Surftest
• Digital height meter, Tesa brand, Tesa Hite type, measuring range: 0-600mm

Other accessory verification equipment

• A spectrometer to anylize and certify aluminium quality
• Verification marble
• Digital exterior micrometers
• Micrometers for leg and saucers interiors
• Calipers
• Precision levels
• Comparison clocks
• Etc.


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